No Jersey of Wade’s, No God of Basketball

One day, my mom asked me why I love basketball so much. I did not answer her, but picked up a picture of Wade, hanging on my bedroom. Yes, I love Wade, more than myself, including his jersey.

Have you ever remembered the famous stars of basketball? Once ever toughly defence Madison garden of “Basketball Hall”, the gangs of New York; once ever the “shooting textbook” Alan – Houston; once ever who openly challenged the authority of the union, the “madman” Spring Will, the little inspirational example Starks, the “aunt” Johnson. Perhaps it was Nicks’ regrets to have lost to the Spurs in the finals at the end of last century, but these frustrated veterans gathered together to fight for the final honour, and the shaking “black eight miracle” at that time. All these are worth to be remembered by people. Do you still remember their jerseys?

“I’ve had so many experiences in my life. If one day I had to crawl out of the court, maybe I would do the same. No one could lift me off the court with a stretcher. This will never happen.” This is Mourning’s last words left to NBA, extremely elegant and valuable. If you have read his 50 point in single game, have seen the scene of his challenging the “gangs of New York”, have seen the man who experienced the kidney transplant surgery in the field risked his life to stop the opponents’ shooting in the field, you will respect him. This may be Alonzo – Ning’s almost presumptuous contempt for death, this is for final glory and dignity.

And many of the growth experienced players like Wade from the slums of Chicago, there is a drug addict mother, cared for by her sister grew up, grew up with his father and brother at home in front of the cement ground ball, now gives no solution breakthrough; high school did not participate in any training camp, no more scouts attention; the University spent a year in the bench; participating in the NBA draft and because the quarterback play point guard is not tall. Later, the fate of God finally visited the young man, the unfortunate man, so that he paid back after many years, so that his career third years to win the championship trophy. Just as Wade has said, “God can see your efforts, only if you can’t give up on yourself.”

Maybe one day we will all grow up, but the dream for jersey will last forever.

To My Best Friends – Bryant’s Jerseys

Ten years ago, when I was a high school student, I was very outgoing and open to everyone, so I made so many friends. But among these friends, I thought my best friend was the basketball. I had ran away from the class without asking for leaving to my teachers just because I wanted to see the All Star games.

Among all the NBA stars, my best love could be Kobe Bryant, and his number 24 jersey was my most precious. I remembered that there had been a classmate who loved basketball as well and so much. One day he came to me and expressed that he wanted to borrow my jersey. So mean as I am, I still lent to him. However, the jersey was broken when he gave it back. I was so angry and fought against him toughly. Sure, I knew he loved Kobe just as much as me, soon we became good friends afterwards.

When talked about Kobe, just began from that he graduated from high school and directly entered the League, for 18 years questions and rumours had never left the man, sometimes the abuses from people under the field were even more than his achievements in the field. He was not perfect and he meant not to challenge the world, most time he just wanted to prove others fallacy through some way, or to challenge himself. Paranoid people ended in failure, but only the most paranoid could make a difference; so since his age was more than 35, he could take 6 months in training after he was suffered a devastating injury, even though he had owned plenty of money and famous sports fame. And we knew that the man who went to the field with injured in half of the time of his occupation career, the man was called Kobe Bryant. My favourite Kobe, my favourite jersey.

Apart from Kobe, I also knew many news about NBA. For example, the Gorilla Patrick – Ewing, from the Georgetown University, has played for New York Nicks for 15 years; Allen Iverson, also from Georgetown, has played for Philadelphia for 10 years. They have all experienced the most difficult years of the team and all stood in the finals stage as a leader, they did not win, but it did not prevent them as the “city heroes”, because sometimes the Obrien cup was not everything.

Oh, what an exciting basketball, what a lovely jersey! I love that.

Different NHL Jerseys for Different Players, Isn’t It?

As we all know, different Jerseys for different players, so is the NHL filed. Now we’d like to introduce three NHL jerseys for you and hope you like it.

The First Piece, the man’s jersey. As it is, what I show you here is a special jerseys from a great players. At the first sight, the gorgeous cloth and brilliant color of the golden dress could catch your eyes firmly. Actually, this jersey was originally used as a working uniform for skydivers or parachuters. Besides, the suit is rather than basic for the people of the day, and it can cover the whole body with sleeves and pants legs. People in that time are very keen on the suit in this kind of style, which is as what they considered a status symbol of special. In fact, it has been fallen and out of fashion for many years for the leather jumpsuits and one-piece suits of similar styles. Nowadays, young people especially the motorcyclists are fond of this kind of styles very much.

The Second Piece: the jersey of Captain’s Jacket. I believe most people know the World War II. Frankly, its style is much more concerned about military, retro and rigorous. The suit is famous and precious for the following reasons from a design perspective. Firstly, the tough materials of the jacket are perfectly integrated with the brilliant workmanship and decent colors. Secondly, what it offers is a three-dimensional cut, with a fitted waist, which is reflecting the beauty and strength of the human body and serving the aesthetics of the military well. And this jersey has its history, anyone who wants to collect it will pay a lot.

The Third Piece: the jersey of Yves Pantsuit. The same with its name, the model of this jersey seems much more infamous in that ages, which is named as Yves pantsuit in 1970s. I believe that even though this clothing didn’t have a good fame, it was a breakthrough design for women at that time. It was also said that the designer of the clothing Yves Saint Laurent had presented this pantsuit in his spring/summer collection of 1968 as a “safari” trouser suit based on his African theme of that year. Moreover, this design was regarded as a repeal to the May Student Movement in France in 1968 since it had caught society’s changing tastes at that time. After from that, the women all around the world in every field of occupation wear pants under light.

Ok, this is what I want to introduce to you, have a good day.